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Episode #744: Are You Serious?
First Broadcast: 9/26/16
As of September 25, the latest national polls for President have Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by less than 2 percentage points. Two!! The fact that Trump, a sexist, racist, prejudiced, bigoted, pathologically lying, narcissist, is being supported by so many people just mystifies me. Is it because he happens to have an "R" after his name instead of a "D," and that's all those people care about? Or is it because his supporters don't care about all his faults because they're just as prejudiced and ignorant as he is? Is this the logical outcome of people watching Fox News for two decades? Have his supporters been so programmed to not trust "the media" that they no longer trust any fact-checking whatsoever? Have white people become so complacent that they think they can ride out a Trump term, disregarding all the people of color--especially children--who worry that the preferred candidate of white supremacists has an actual chance of winning the election? I suppose I'll have a lot more questions after the first debate between Trump and Clinton, assuming I haven't lost my mind by then...

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