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Episode #734: Triple Spacing Your Paper
First Broadcast: 5/23/16
In the Kentucky Democratic Presidential primary, Hillary Clinton is less than 2000 votes ahead of Bernie Sanders in the official count, but the outcome could still be decided by 13,000 absentee ballots, so there is still no clear winner there. In Oregon, however, Sanders was the undisbuted victor by almost 70,000 votes. So, as Naomi Klein said, "on the whole, the night belonged to #BernieSanders." Bernie could still win a fate-altering chunk of delegates in the California primary on June 7, so best of luck to him there. Too bad the rest of the nation isn't on California's "top-two system," but one thing at a time. What keeps me up at night is the thought of a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump election in November, which to me has an eerie similarity to the 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial election, where Edwin Edwards, a Democrat with a history of corruption allegations, faced off against David Duke, a Republican who had previously been a Grand Wizard in the KKK. A popular bumper sticker at the time read "Vote For The Crook: It's Important." I would hate for the 2016 election to be reduced to the same rationale, but if there's anything positive to be learned from the previous election, the "crook" won with 61% of the vote. So, maybe the country isn't completely destined have a lunatic drive it off a cliff. Maybe.

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