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Episode #892: So Much Airtime
First Broadcast: 5/3/21
After a brief reminiscence about the early days of our show, we discuss how the slow return of "normalcy" coming with the spread of COVID-19 vaccinations seems to be creating what feels like the first lengthy stretch of low-stress or, dare I say it, stress-free time in the last five years (knock on wood!). I think Michael Moore was right, that "the former guy" never wanted to be elected President in 2016, and probably doesn't really want to be elected in 2024 either, because he's probably feeding off his fans' hopes just so he can grift them some more. Why was that man allowed to fail upwards so spectacularly? Were he and his supporters able to spread so much misinformation so voluminously because the philosophy of "both sides" journalism couldn't acknowledge just how many outright lies they were telling? Why do they persist in spreading ridiculous lies as if no one would ever check them? Who was it who said "A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on"? A short conversation, but intriguing nonetheless!

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So, what is Free New York anyway? The simple answer is that it's a this neat little public access TV show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network which I co-produce with the tremendous help of my camerawoman/editor/everything else, Kim. The complicated answer is that it's a project of mine to broadcast opinions and events which don't always appear within "the mainstream media" (like The New York Times, the major networks, local radio, etc.), and so far I think it's been working.

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